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  Let me ask you a weird question. Have you ever been totally fascinated by just watching someone paint? Like maybe you were walking down the street, maybe on a vacation, and you saw someone sitting on the ground with spray cans all around them, creating amazing art on a piece of paper while the perfect music was playing in the background....

Or, maybe you were watching a video of Bob Ross's acrylic painting techniques and were just enjoying the way he said “happy clouds”...  

And it was like the experience of just watching the painting appearing on the blank paper or canvas just completely mesmerized you, totally captured your attention.

And everything else in the world just disappeared for a moment.

And as you watched and watched and watched, you just found yourself knowing in a deep place that this was something you wanted to do.

applause airbrush

Hear the Applause!

You could feel how amazing it would be to be able to paint that quickly and confidently and to have that much fun while you were doing it!

Feel the admiration of the people watching and know that your work had completely captured everyone's attention.

Feel the thrill deep in your belly as people lined up to purchase your work!

It would be great if painting was always like that for you wouldn’t it?

Airbrush Galaxies and Waves.

Airbrush galaxies and waves.

Unfortunately many people don’t get to have this experience.


They pay for years of art school to learn to do what others have already done.


Then they struggle long hours in the studio to create work that they can’t possibly sell for what it’s worth.


Many get stuck in creative ruts and stop learning and growing…….



Is it Possible???

Is it possible that learning to paint could actually be……

easy, flowing and fun for you?

Is it possible that there are new ways of earning money with your art

that you may not have considered….yet?

It has to do with something that has been hidden and off limits to most “traditional” acrylic and airbrush artists….. until NOW!

It’s something that comes from a secret underground culture of spray paint and street artists from Mexico.

Something that you can use right NOW to completely revolutionize your own airbrush and acrylic painting techniques.


sadot ricardo hugo spray paintBut first I have to take you back in time to an art show in Mexico city in 1988 filled with hippies, counter culture artists, famous art critics and all kinds of unusual folks....

The art show was organized by the disciples of a strange turbaned man who painted, sitting indian style on the streets of Mexico city, sticking his tongue out at his audience while he was creating and selling some of the most amazing works of art you've ever seen.

 This man’s name has been almost forgotten in the mists of time….

Maybe because he was Mexican and maybe because his medium was spray paint….

But in my opinion, he should be honored as the founder of an important group of techniques, actually, a whole new school of art.

His name was Ruben Sadot and he was the very first spray paint artist of Mexico.


Ruben Sadot, self portraitRuben Sadot, self portrait

He used to tell his disciples, the ones that eventually created that grand exhibition without him:

“ The secret of great painting is to let the paint do the work for you.“

airbrush newspaper flying

Magic in the Air!

In fact that's how he discovered the techniques that brought him the fame and fortune he enjoyed for years... before his tragic demise.

One day like every other, he was working with traditional acrylic painting techniques but also happened to be using some spray paint cans.

There also happened to be some old newspapers around.

The wind picked up a sheet of newspaper and it blew onto his fresh spray paint, moving the paint in such a way that it created a beautiful mottled effect that he had never seen before.



It was so incredible, so deeply fascinating....

That he completely forgot about everything he had been trying to paint before and he just knew immediately that this was part of the new direction in which he had to go.

Right away, he purchased more spray cans and began the creative journey which ultimately led to an infinity of new techniques and approaches practiced by his students and their students today.

acrylic painting techniques

Time Passed...

Time passed and the students went in their own directions and taught their own students the secret techniques of spray paint art.  Most made their living painting on the streets, some preferred to exhibit in galleries.Many traveled within Mexico and some flew to Europe and the US among other places.

The trademark of their style was to paint complicated scenes quickly and with great flair.The good ones could paint anything you asked them to within 20 minutes and have stunning quality.

(Of course there were many low quality knock off, rip off painters as well, an unfortunate reality of anything financially successful is it will be copied badly and often)


Up till now, their techniques have remained secret and isolated in the spray paint and street art world, but a revolution is happening and I want your help in getting the word out about it!

I’ll get to that in a bit….



But First....

But first I haven’t even introduced myself yet!
My name is Alisa Amor, I am the student of Gerardo Amor (my ex) who was the student of Sadot.
It’s my pleasure and a privilege to be able to share these amazing new techniques with you! Welcome!

acrylic painting techniques 



A Golden Bridge

NOW, we have created a Golden Bridge between the secret world of Spray Paint Art techniques and water based acrylic paint.


Acrylic paint!  The same kind of paint used by most acrylic artists and airbrush artists everyday!

What this means for YOU, NOW, is that......

For the first time in history, YOU can now do all the amazing spray paint art techniques you see here with your same regular acrylic paints and a cheap airbrush.

YOU are the next step in the evolution of this secret and exclusive school of painting.

YOU can use the same acrylic paint sets you already have handy.

YOU can do it all from the comfort of your home all year round.

YOU seriously need to learn this stuff!


But wait, you may ask....


How and why did you figure out how to use spray paint art methods with acrylic painting techniques?


And most important, what do I get out of it?

spray can in winter

Winter is cold...

Well, first, I had to move out of Mexico for various reasons and I moved to New York where unfortunately there are....winters...ugh.

I'm not a cold weather type of person, but spray paint hates winter even more than I do!

It freezes and comes out in spats and spurts and is generally impossible to work with in the cold winter months.

(And I needed to keep working, I've always supported myself as an artist since I found spray paint art techniques...they are magic that way)


Besides that, I had been wanting to get away from the solvents in spray paint for a long while..yet still make a good living as a painter......

acrylic painting techniques


It was a big goal.

It took years of experiments in my garage/studio with different mixes of paint and paper to get the complex unique effects of spray paint art to work with acrylic paints and a cheap airbrush and....

Eureka! I did it! I found the sweet spot!

I was so excited to share it with my friends!



We serve you our years of experienceand experimentation to YOU...

 On a Golden Platter!

New Airbrush Techniques!

You are the first people in the whole world to have these techniques available for your use with acrylic water based paint!

You can enjoy them without having to ever pick up a spray can or spend money on an expensive airbrush.

All you need is a cheap ($11) airbrush and a compressor plus your regular acrylic paint and some household materials.

You can enjoy exploring all these unique and underground techniques of speed painting.

Bob Ross on steroids with an airbrush!

acrylic painting techniques alisa as bob ross

And it's sooo easy and fun to learn.

I give you all the information you need to get set up right away and start painting with these techniques.

Some of my students have told me it's watching Bob Ross on steroids with an airbrush!

I hope they don't mean that's what I look like when I'm teaching...


This is not your traditional methods of airbrush painting or acrylic painting.

These techniques are very different from the way most people paint with an airbrush.

The idea is to apply different layers of paint and then take some off.

You just have to see it to understand....

You can use these techniques to add to what you already do.

 Or you might learn to paint completely new things with these lessons.

You might find many ways to save time using these techniques.

But one thing is for certain, you won't find these teachings anywhere else!

acrylic painting techniques materials

We use the same materials

We use the same materials as the traditional spray painters: newspaper, plates, palette knives, plastic, sponges, a few weird things from the hardware store, and some household materials.

Learn how to create the wild and wonderful speed painting effects that spray paint artists know and love.

Now you can enjoy them too!

golden opportunity

You will probably be the first person in your area to learn these secrets.

While you read this, please remember, these techniques are still mostly unknown.

You will probably be the first person in your area to learn these secrets.

If you wanted to, you could start a business selling your work on the streets or performing live painting shows without any competition.....yet.

This is truly a unique moment and a golden opportunity for the wise artist who finds this information.

Knowledge is power.... and these techniques give you that raw power.

Power to fascinate an audience, power to have fun, and the ability to quickly design and paint a work of art on the spot.

So by now, you're reading this, your thinking about what it says, and thinking about what might be in it for you......

Of course you want to give it a try!

You'd like to go for it, wouldn't you?

Don't worry, it's completely risk free.

I offer a 60 day no questions asked refund.



Get in while it's still new!

You will belong to a group of successful elite artists.

Your work will stand out from the rest of the crowd...

and oh, you will have the ability to work much much faster than other artists.

Get trained!

It just makes sense to learn these new techniques and to use them in your own work!

So how do you learn?

It’s very easy to learn how to paint this way now.

Just click on the “Buy NOW” link below.

You will have immediate access to 11 setup videos that teach and demonstrate the basic techniques for you.

Plus you will receive 2 bonus lesson videos to show you how to put them all together in some unexpected ways.

In these videos you will learn
  • How to set up your studio with a compressor and a cheap airbrush and acrylic paints
  • How to mix your paints so that they can create all these effects easily
  • How to make land and mountains quickly using newspaper and sponges and other household items
  • How to make many beautiful and intricate textures using just paint and newspapers
  • How to use these techniques to paint landscapes and ocean waves among other things.
  • What kinds of paper you can use and how to prepare them for different kinds of paintings
  • How to prepare canvas for acrylic spray paint art techniques
  • How to use a sheet of newspaper to quickly and easily create beautiful ocean waves
  • How to use different kitchen sponges to create rocks and foliage

and so much more!

You will finally be able to enjoy improvising with paint.

How much would you be willing to pay to completely revolutionize your acrylic and airbrush artwork?

Years of art school would cost thousands of dollars and you would only learn techniques that everybody already knows.

For a limited time you can get the entire acrylics setup package for only $47.

(This price WILL go up soon)

I'm going to throw in some incredible bonuses to make it even easier for you to decide to buy this program.

Bonus #1


Bonus 1: I'm including a special bonus video about how to use these techniques to paint on cars, helmets, and other metal and fiberglass objects.

Once you learn these techniques, it's a small step to starting your own fun and profitable business painting on vehicles and working with your local autobody shop!

Learn everything you need to know in this free bonus video!

Bonus #2


Bonus 2: I'm going to throw in 3 videos by spray paint art master Gerardo Amor.

Yes, these videos use spray paint, but the techniques he demonstrates and explains work the same in the acrylic version.

You will gain detailed knowledge of how to use newspaper as a brush, how to work in layers of sprayed paint to create land, planets and other fun effects, among other things.

Bonus #3 Bonus 3: Me! You can always email me and ask me questions! I'm here to help. My email is spraypaintartsecrets(@)

Airbrush Painting Secrets Lessons 10

Become the artist you've always dreamed about.

Make an investment in yourself and what you love.


No risk purchase with 60 day no-questions refund policy, with all the support you need to learn all this really cool stuff. I'm always here if you have questions along the way. Just email me at spraypaintartsecrets(@) if you ever need anything. (my name is Alisa) And I'll be very happy to hear from you and help you with whatever you need. This is an entirely online product. Videos are easy to stream or download. They are mv4 and mp4 format. You will be able to play them with most computer's video players, mobile devices, tablets etc. You can also download the videos and write them to a DVD if you wish. As soon as you purchase your membership and register, you will have access to all the videos in your product.

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