Airbrushing and Acrylic Painting Ideas for Planets

Here’s what you need to get prepared to make some mind-blowing airbrushing effects spray paint art style. This will also help artists interested in other kinds of acrylic painting as well!

The things you are going to want to do this project:

A single action air brush which lets you to alternate colors fast like the quick change airbrush or maybe a budget friendly single action airbrush of just about any sort of model.  Plus a compressor.

1) Poster board

2) Acrylic paint of many different colors also including black and white plus jars to mix colors in.

3) Windex or other types of window cleaner

4) Some plates and bowls and jar lids

5) A flat piece of wood to paint on

6) Water

7) Hair dryer, heat gun, or loads of persistence

and waiting time. 


Watch this video to learn more about mixing for acrylic painting.

Let’s get started with airbrushing planets now!

1 Start by placing your wood either on the floor or on a table where you will be able to conveniently work on top of it and spray a bit of water on it using your air brush or simply drop a little on and let it soak up fully into the wood. This is done to stop the paper from flexing and bending as you spray on it by making every thing just as humid. Your effects will definitely come out better if your paper is flat.

airbrushing on wood

2 Spray a few colors on your poster board in layers. You can go light-toned to darker, for instance, white, yellow, red, black or otherwise dark to light … black, blue, white more

acrylic paint for planets

3 Brush some crinkled newspaper over and above your color combinations and produce a mottled appearance and additional varieties of painting effects that occur with the various crumples in the newspaper.

spray paint art planets

4 Add more colors and do it again as wanted. Try hard to maintain one particular side lighter and at least one face dark. As soon as we are done, this will certainly make your planet appear 3 dimensional!

airbrushing two planets

5 Make a few of these planets of a variety of hues and sizes everywhere you want on your painting. You are understanding exactly how to make use of an airbrush just like a spray paint artist!airbrushing a shadow

6 Dry out your planet colors with your hairdryer, heat gun or merely hang out up until it dries and go have something to snack on. Airbrushing effects are sometimes thirsty work.

acrylic painting and hair-dryer

7 Gather up your bowls and plates and jar caps and decide which of them work with which planets in terms of overall size and location. You are able to experiment by positioning them on your picture and observing what it appears like provided that your piece of art is dry.

spray paint art style planets

8 As soon as you select a placement that you like, make sure you put a couple of hefty things like coins on top of all of the less heavy caps or plates so that they don’t get blown around from air coming out of your air-brush.

airbrushing land

9 Use your other and black tones to coat around your caps and bowls. Mainly use black, although you can add colors in any place you want the appearance of nebulae and galaxies. It is especially awesome to put in a bit of light behind the dark shady areas of the planets.

acrylic painting and newspaper

10 Apply or gather up a bit of white onto a spatula (palette knife) or piece of ripped poster board if you don’t have that and shake that white color over your art utilizing a good deal of pressure to ensure that the stars appear small. As a substitute make use of a tooth brush to bespatter the white color onto your poster board and create stars.

airbrushing the mountian

11 Remove your plates, bowls and lids and revel in your painting effects! Now you have learned effective ways to make use of an airbrush in a different way!

spray paint art more-mountain

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airbrushing on wood