Airbrushing For Beginners Black and White Full Free Lesson

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First a heads up about a great opportunity for someone……

This is the sort of thing can show up for those of you who have been learning and practicing their spray paint art. To do a show like this, you need to be able to improvise and paint a variety of themes like sunsets, flowers, space and planets, landscapes, underwater etc. You also need to have practiced enough to be fast. You can learn all of this by signing up to be a member of Spray Paint Art Secrets! Then you can have fun, earn some extra money, travel and enjoy lots of admiration!

Here’s the opportunity:

A woman from Miami contacted me and wants to hire a spray painter for some sort of university event. If you are interested, send me a few pics of your work and your location and I will pass it along.

Got a great free video for you!

This is a perfect beginners painting. I did this one with airbrush, but you can use it to learn spray paint art too. It’s exactly the same with spray paint.

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